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Real Madrid was ready to pay €250m for Messi in 2013

It has come to light that Real Madrid were allegedly willing to pay Leo Messi’s buyout clause in June 2013, a couple of months before closing the signing of Gareth Bale. The Argentinian’s lawyer informed his father, Jorge Messi, of the interest, and had it completed, the transfer would’ve smashed the world record.
Spiegel, a member of the EIC network to which EL MUNDO belongs, reported that Real told Messi’s father that they were willing to pay his son’s – all €250 million of it.
Not that they stopped there.
Real offered Messi €23 million per year until 2021 to betray Barca, while also claiming that they could put pressure on the Spanish Prime Minister over the Argentine’s tax issues.
A meeting on a private jet between Perez, Messi, and a series of lawyers was supposedly set up – but nothing came of it.
Real denied the reports, of course, labelling them “totally false” – but then they would say that, wouldn’t they?
€250 million seems an awful lot, especially back in 2013 when transfer fees were at least a little more understandable, although the assembly of a Cristiano Ronaldo/Messi super-team is probably worth that.
It would have crippled Barca and almost certainly brought in an unprecedented period of dominance for Real that we’d all probably be sick of by now.