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Puyol ‘Gerard Pique is best defender in the world’

Pique has received some high praise from one of the best defenders in Barcelona and football history. Carles Puyol came out in an interview recently and had some high praise when asked about Pique.
“Right now, Pique is the best centre-back in the world,” said Puyol. “He’s the perfect age and physically he is in great shape. He’s always been very intelligent, but you notice it more now.
”The same with his leadership, which he’s always had but now he’s in complete control on the pitch, especially at the back. That’s a plus.
”His positioning has improved as well. He hardly ever loses his position and he knows how to read the game and to anticipate what’s going to happen. He never loses his head. He seems more responsible, too, something which comes with time and age.”
“Now he picks his moments [to join in attacks] much better,. Maybe he will only go forward once in a game now but he has a gift, something intangible that very few players have. It’s called goal-scoring instinct and that allows him to be in the right place at the right time. It happened against Roma, he went forward once and he scored.”