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Ernesto Valverde ‘Neymar’s departure was a difficult moment for the club’

Ernesto Valverde gave an exclusive interview to Barca TV that covers all the latest happenings at the club. In the in-depth chat, the Barcelona coach talked about his own adaptation to the squad, individual players, the recent victory in El Clasico and their current form in LaLiga, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey.
Valverde: “The Clásico? It was a great game for us, both the final score and how it fell, I think it made Christmas even happier. Now I have to prepare for the year to come.”
“Messi is the best player you can possibly find in the world. He’s a player who can take anything and make it extraordinary. Whatever ball he touches, he’s just an absolutely incredible teammate and we’re incredibly lucky to have him.”
“Neymar’s departure was a difficult moment for the club, we cannot deny that.”
“The month of January is going to be intense, we need to prepare.”
“I place a lot of importance on the players and especially the forwards having a lot of contact with the ball. So what if they miss chances? I want them to have those chances, goals will be scored.”
“Suárez? Get him the ball as much as you can because he’s going to put them in the net.”
“I haven’t worried about Suárez because I saw him getting chances, he may or may not have been on target, but it was just a question of time and in the end it’s exactly what happened.”
“This is a team that’s very competitive, the players are fully committed to competing, they’re winners. You can see that, you can see it when they train and play games.”
“FC Barcelona players are different; with different characteristics and we all have to adapt. Me as a coach have to adapt to them. Dembélé was a player with specific characteristics that at the time we lacked.”
“It’s true that in that moment [moment when Dembélé got injured] it was tough to take, above all for him because he’s a young player and with all the attentions surrounding his signing, who knows whether that played a role in his injury.”
“Our intentions are always to try to win the game from the very first minute, I don’t have any doubt about that. I don’t believe in waiting to see how the game goes.”
“Paulinho is a player with a different style from what we had in the team. He’s something else, he’s a player who perhaps moves around a little bit more. He surprises teams by getting into their penalty area.”
“Of course he [Paulinho] is incredibly effective, but above all because he has a lot of faith. He follows the play a lot, both on attack and defense. He really helps out at the defensive end and he seems to really understand Messi in the final third.”