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Coutinho ‘One of the reasons I came to play for Barça was for a chance to play with Messi’

The Brazilian star reviews his career in life and in football in an exclusive interview with Barça TV: the family, the favela, futsal, the tattoos…
Coutinho: “One of the reasons I came to play for Barça was for a chance to play with Lionel Messi.”
“Knowing that I’ll get to play with Lionel Messi is incredible; it’s a great honor. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to meet him.”

Will you follow the footsteps of Ronaldinho?

“It’s hard to compare me with him. Ronaldinho made history here and if I could repeat just a bit of his success, it would be incredible.”
“Barcelona was always my dream. I’m very happy to play for this great club which has always welcomed Brazilians, and I hope to repeat their success here.”
“Barça have a lot of history and titles. Those who play and pass through Barça are happy.”
“When I was a kid, I would be running home from school so I could be able to watch Barcelona games.”
“I am a quiet person. I work hard for my dreams so I can get things that I love. I am very dedicated to football, which is my passion.”
“My family is very important to me, they are the basis of everything for me. My wife and daughter have always been with me. My parents have always been on my side. My parents are very happy to see me wearing the jersey of such a big club. We are all very happy.”
“When I was young, my father always worked hard so we would not be able to miss anything. My mother stayed more at home to take care of the family. I have two brothers, one who lived away from home and one who lived with us for a very long time.”
“I started playing indoor football at Vasco da Gama since I was 6 years old. It was our life. My parents lived for football. They took me to every game I played. My father always supported me a lot.”
“Futsal is a sport that helps a lot because the spaces are short and you have to control the ball well and think faster. It helps the players a lot. It was difficult for me to change from futsal to the field, as they say in Brazil, but that’s in the past.”
“We trained 2 or 3 times a week at night for futsal and we played on Sundays. It was a great time for children; we were very small. As I grew up, I started to combine the 2 sports in the morning and evening; training and playing.”
“I didn’t want to leave futsal, but there was a moment where I had to stop and decide what I wanted to do.”
“My parents did not want to change houses until recently. They built it with many sacrifices. They liked it and they didn’t want to leave, but it was a very dangerous area and they had to leave. I still have friends there, but it’s too dangerous.”
“Football has given me everything. I have conquered some things thanks to football; I live in a safe country thanks to football. Barcelona is a very big city and I’ll be able to help my family, which is very important.”
“Mediterranean International Cup? It was a dream. When you start playing football in Brazil, you want to be the best and wear the jerseys of big clubs and the national team, like the Brazilian idols. It was probably my first plane trip, we were champions both times.”
“We had little time to know things. We were very young and we didn’t leave the hotel; we stayed together. We went to the stadium to meet Ronaldinho. We all took photographs with him, it was a great day.”
“In Brazil, the fields aren’t very good. Over there, they were perfect and the rivals were very good. We won 2 championships with great memories.”
“I did see that things were getting more serious, but it was very difficult for a young man who came from another culture and left everything he knew. I came with my parents and girlfriend, who is now my wife. Milan seemed very big, the club won many championships.”
“Barcelona is incredible. It looks like my city, Rio de Janeiro, because it has a beach, it is not cold and there’s sun almost every day. At played at Espanyol for 5 months and I liked it very much, although I could not know too much since it was a very short time.”
“Leaving Inter was the year I got married. We started to live alone without my parents. I was at Inter for a short time and then I joined Liverpool. I lived very happy moments. If it were not for my wife or my parents nothing would be the same.”