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Barcelona chief laments Neymar ‘cat and mouse attitude’


Barcelona chief Jordi Mestre has hit out at former player Neymar’s “cat and mouse” attitude to leaving the Nou Camp for Paris Saint-Germain.
The Brazilian left Spain for the French giants in a world-record £200m move after reportedly coming to terms with his inability to overshadow Lionel Messi’s status at the club.
Barca’s vice president has now insisted that the way Neymar decided to go about leaving the Catalan giants is what disappointed him the most about the situation.
“What hurt me the most was the way it happened,” Mestre said. “We were all on tour talking with him and his father, and they were not transparent. If he came to us and said, I want to go, like Cesc, Pedro, Alexis, Mascherano did, we would have reached an agreement. What you can’t do is rock the boat.
“He played cat and mouse with us. It arrived at a point where we saw where things were going so we told him we would not pay his contract renewal fee.He told us nothing. If he had done, PSG would have been able to buy him for less money and it would have cost us less to sign too.
“What Neymar’s behaviour created was the market inflation. We would have saved a lot of money and a lot of media noise.”